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Personal Paging List
Teletouch Paging will keep the PPL running as long as the software continues to operate. Please understand this unsecure application was developed over 20 years ago and software support is no longer available, hence our original decision to take down the program. We still highly recommend finding a permanent alternate means of communicating with our pagers.
PLEASE NOTE: In the event the PPL service is interrupted, customers should have an alternate means to send pagers in order to continue with their daily operations.Teletouch Paging will not be responsible for any interruptions in the ability to send pagers.
Please contact our Customer Support Team at 1-800-264-2337 or scsupport@criticalalert.com to discuss your options.
By using the Personal Paging List, you are sending your message via the Internet; a network that is not maintained by one entity and therefore can experience outages and delays beyond our control. Therefore, Teletouch Paging shall not be liable for the timeliness of transmission or the confidentiality of pages sent via the Internet.
It is recommended that Personal Paging List groups not contain more than 20 members. If you need to have a group with more members, please contact our Customer Care Department at 800-264-2337 for assistance.
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